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July sales surge in Ontario’s two largest markets 온타리오 부동산 거래 회복세

토론토와 오타와의 7월중 거래가 증가하여, 회복국면임을 보여주고 있음. 하지만, 거래는 주로 콘도, 타운하우스에 집중되어 있고 단독주택은 아직 거래가 부진함

July sales surge in Ontario’s two largest markets. If there are any doubts that the sales cycle in Toronto’s real estate market has rebounded, July figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board should jettison those allusions.

New house prices down slightly after 3 months unchanged

New house prices in Canada slipped 0.1% in May, following three months unchanged.

Data from Statistics Canada shows that the largest declines were in Saskatoon (-0.5%) and Victoria (-0.4%) amid worsening market conditions with unemployment rising in both CMAs. There were also declines of 0.3% for new house prices in Edmonton, Kelowna, Toronto, and Vancouver.

주택거래 평년 수준 회복(Canadian home sales returned to historical average last month)

5월중 주택거래는 4월보다 1.9% 증가하여, 10년 평균치 수준에 근접하고 있다. 새로 리스팅 하는 건수는 다소 줄었으나, 균형시장을 형성하고 있음

시장붕괴 가능성은 적다는 RBC 분석(Market collapse appears less likely says RBC)

최근 부동산 거래 동향을 보면, 바닥세를 벗어나 안정국면에 있고, 시장붕괴 가능성은 낮다는 RBC Econimist 의견이 있음.

Last week’s market reports from real estate boards including those in Vancouver and Toronto show that there is recovery underway with even the tough market conditions in Vancouver suggesting a bottoming-out. 

매도자 시장이 될 듯 (Sellers rejoice)

토론토 부동산협회는 5월중 주택거래 건수는 9,989건으로 15년래 최저였던 지난해에 비해 18.9% 증가하였고, 리스팅은 0.8% 증가한 19,386건으로 매도자 시장이 될 것으로 전망. 평균 거래가격은 3.6%증가하여 838,540불이 되었는데, 3월은 0.5%, 4월은 1.9%에 비해 개선 추세에 있음

Fix & Flip Overview: How is the current economic environment impacting the market?

Deciding on whether or not to invest in fix-and-flip properties can be tricky, as significant benefits and challenges can influence an investor’s decision. The determinants of a good investment in fix-and-flips include the price you pay for the purchase of the property and the cost of the renovation. An investor must also be aware of the general health of the economy and the location of the property, according to a blog post by Allen Shayanfekr at Sharestates.

GTA new home sales jumped 123% in April

There was some better news for the new homes market in the Greater Toronto Area in April as sales jumped 123% year-over-year.

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) reports that figures from its official data source, Altus Group, reveal 3,853 new homes were sold in the GTA in the month.

Of those sales, 800 were single-family homes. That’s a significant jump from the 443 sold in April 2018 but still 50% below the 10-year average.

IMF 주택경기 부양책 자제 권고(IMF advises Canada to refrain from inciting home-buying – for now)

IMF는 캐나다 정부에 주택경기 부양책 보다는 경제위험을 낮추기 위해 하향 안정적인 관리를 하도록 권고하였고, CMHC 대표는 주택업계의 B-20 기준완화 건의에 반대하는

입장을 표명하여, 당분간 캐나다 정부차원의 주택경기 부양책은 기대하기 어려울 것으로 예상됨

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