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2018년 GTA콘도 렌트 기록적 상승(GTA condos saw record-breaking rent rises in 2018)

지난 10여년간 임대주택 시장을 분석해 온 Urbanation 회사는 2018년 렌트 가격이 9.3% 상승하여, 전년 8.3%, 8년 평균 4.1%를 훨씬 상회한 기록적인 상승으로 임대콘도 투자자들이 높은 수익을 거둔 것으로 보고 있음. 다만, 2018년 4분기에는 6.7% 상승하여 2017년 1분기 이후 가장 상승율이 낮으며, 평균 월 렌트는 $2,310 수준임. 임차인들이 높아진 가격에 적응을 하기는 하나, 거래는 Studio 44%, One-bedroom 31%가 증가한 것으로 볼 때 렌트 상승은 신규 공급 및 부담능력에 따라 제한적일 것으로 보고 있음.

임대목적의 아파트 건축은 지난 30년래 최고 수준인데, 2018년말 11,905채로 2017년말의 7,494채에 비해 59%증가한 것이며, 2016년의 5,429채에 비해 거의 두배 수준임. 이중 올해 말 5천채가 완공 예정으로 90년 이후 최고임. 향후 장기 임대건축 계획은 2018년말 40,688채에 이르러, 2017년 27,591채, 2016년은 27,591체 였던 점에 비해 상대적으로 많음.

GTA condos saw record-breaking rent rises in 2018

Condo apartment owners in the GTA saw higher returns on their investments in 2018 with rents setting a new record. ​Urbanation, which has been tracking rents in the market since 2010, says last year’s 9.3% increase was the largest it has seen, beating the previous year’s 8.3% growth and the 8-year-average of 4.1%. However, on a year-over-year basis, rent growth moderated in the fourth quarter to 6.7%, representing the slowest annual pace since Q1-2017 with the average monthly cost reaching $2,310.

Although the figures suggest that renters are adapting to higher rents – with total lease activity for studios up 44% and for one-bedroom apartments rising 31% - growth in rents may be limited by new supply and affordability issues. “Recent housing policy changes, combined with strong demand fundamentals and supply constraints led to record growth for rents in the GTA last year,” said Shaun Hildebrand, President of Urbanation. “These factors should continue to keep upward pressure on rents, but to a lesser degree in 2019 as affordability becomes a bigger issue and more condominium and rental units finish construction.”

Supply set to rise

The total number of purpose-built rental apartments under construction in the GTA reached a more than 30-year high of 11,905 units at the end of 2018, rising by 59% from 7,494 units at the end of 2017 and more than twice the level from two years ago at the end of 2016 (5,429). This year close to 5,000 purpose-built rentals are expected to reach completion, representing the highest level since the early 1990s. Longer-term future supply represented by the inventory of projects proposed for development reached 40,688 units, up from 34,559 units at the end of 2017 and 27,591 units at the end of 2016.  by Steve Randall 14 Jan 2019

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