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집 찾기에 평균 124시간(Average home buyer spends 124 hours searching for a home)

주택구입은 가장 중요한 의사결정 중의 하나인데, 개인별로 소요시간에 차이가 크다. 벤쿠버소재 부동산회사인 Zolo가 조사한 바에 따르면 평균 124시간을 사용하고, 32시간은 인터넷에, 27시간은 현장을 둘러보는데, 19시간은 부동산중개인과, 25시간은 집 내부를 보는데 소요한 것으로 나타났다.

대부분 구매하기 전에 살 집을 3회 방문하고, 21세~29세는 3회, 30~39세는 2회, 전혀 방문을 하지 않고 인터넷으로만 보는 경우도 1%나 되었다. 52%는 단독주택을, 8% 는 Semi를, 8%는 콘도를 구입한 것으로 조사되었다.

 Average homebuyer spends 124 hours searching for a home. Buying a home may be the most important purchase any of us will ever make but that doesn’t mean everyone commits the same time to viewings.

While the largest share of homebuyers across North America spent between 61 and 120 minutes in the home they bought, 5% of buyers were convinced in 15 minutes or less.

The survey from Vancouver-based real estate listings site reveals that the average buyer spends 124 hours searching for their home. This includes 32 hours online, 27 hours driving around, 19 hours with real estate experts, and 25 hours inside homes.

The average buyer also loses 21 hours of sleep during the homebuying process!

1 in 10 only visited once. Zolo found that 30% of buyers – the largest single share - visited the home they bought 3 times before purchasing, while 10% only visited once and 9% visited 5 times. Perhaps unsurprisingly, younger buyers are most likely to take multiple visits to a home they are thinking of buying:

Buyers aged 21 to 29, saw a place 3 to 4 times before putting in an offer Buyers aged 30 to 39 saw a place only twice before putting in an offer 1% of respondents bought a home sight unseen — (using online listings and photos)

The survey also reveals what buyers ended up buying after all those hours of research and home visits.

More than half (52%) bought a single-family detached home, 8% bought a semi-detached, 11% bought a townhouse, and 8% bought a condo-apartment.

The remaining buyers bought either a row-house (1%), cottage/vacation property (4%), or investment property with multiple units (4 units or less - 10%; 5 units or more - 6%).

by Steve Randall 16 May 2019


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